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What financial support can I get?

What financial support can I get? image

Having cancer can lead to major changes in your financial situation:

  • Depending on where you live, you may be required to pay the costs of treatment, which can be high1
  • You may also find it harder to work due to your symptoms or for treatment2

Assessing your financial situation is an important first step.2 Hospital or community social workers may be able to help you with this, and can also offer advice on the benefits and grants for which you may be eligible.1,3

These can include government or state benefits,3 sick pay if you are employed,2 and cancer-charity grants.4

If you are self-employed, or run your own business, you may have additional financial issues and be worried about having to close your business.5 There may be grants available locally, specifically to help support self-employed people or small businesses.5 



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